Catalog Customer
Acquisition, List Management
and List Fulfillment

Use our consulting services to acquire new customers and drive catalog mailing performance, including circulation planning, directional response analysis, co-operative database coordination, competitor analysis and media plans.

We also work with catalog startups to source names, make crucial connections to trusted partners (e.g., printers) and help get businesses off the ground with the right growth strategies. In addition, our list management and list fulfillment services will make your list attractive to a wider range of mailers.

Integrated Offline/Online

Get the most of your direct mail efforts through integrated online touchpoints. Use email, Facebook and injectable content into online publications to complement direct mail campaigns and maximize ROI.

For a full description of Direct Mail services available, click here.

Triggered Postcards

Send full-color, direct mail postcards to your website visitors based on their online shopping activity. Feature browsed or carted products, optionally optimized with LiveContent product recommendations and offers.

Predictive Models
and Hotlines

Use a customer or prospect’s online browsing and email engagement history to improve your direct mail strategies. Also, increase the size of your hotline pool by adding shoppers who abandoned a cart or browsed products on your site.


Mail Case Studies


“4Cite helps us determine which names and addresses should be eliminated. We’re now suppressing almost 20% of households we would have otherwise mailed. That amounts to approximately 20 million names. At 40 cents each, the savings add up fast. 4Cite allows us to focus our efforts only on those individuals who are most likely to buy.”

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Bob Webb
SVP Marketing of Potpourri Group