Identify more customers. Engage them in real-time. Increase revenue.

Shopping Elsewhere ™ Triggered Email

Reach lapsed subscribers that never open. Use 4Cite’s proprietary Shopping Elsewhere™ triggered email to re-activate customers who aren’t engaging with your brand.

Unique to 4Cite, this technology triggers email to inactive customers in real-time when they are shopping with another retailer. Reaching them when they are in shopping mode drastically increases open rates, getting those inactive customers re-engaged.

Targeting by device type is possible. For brands who see very low mobile conversion rates we can ensure that Shopping Elsewhere triggered emails are held until we see a customer on the device they are most likely to convert on.

Shopping Elsewhere™ Technology

Shopping Elsewhere™ Technology

1a. Shopper is online and shopping or

1b. A shopper has opened a pixeled email from another retailer

2. 4Cite Data Network is alerted – a customer is online and shopping

3. The customer is sent your email offer – all in real-time

4. Shopper receives email

Triggered Email Basic Program

Shoppers who leave your website without making a purchase will be sent the right messages to drive them back to make a sale. And shoppers who sign-up for email will promptly receive a Welcome email. (Combine Welcome emails with our Customer Acquisition lightboxes to maximize new customers)

  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Abandoned Checkout Emails
  • Abandoned Product Emails
  • Abandoned Category Emails
  • Abandoned Search Emails
  • Welcome Emails

Triggered Email+ Program

Get all the benefits of the Triggered Email Basic program plus triggers generated by changes in your product catalog correlated with each shopper’s interests.  Additionally, you can trigger email that keeps shoppers engaged after a purchase is made, and email that keeps shoppers in your loyalty program loyal.

  • Now on Sale Emails
  • New Arrivals Emails
  • Back in Stock Emails
  • Inventory Low Emails
  • Post Purchase Emails
  • Loyalty Program Emails

Add to any plan

  • LiveContent™: Use a shopper’s past and current interests, combined with browse and purchase data from other shoppers with similar interests, to display real-time product recommendations and offers unique to each customer.
  • Transactional Emails: Let 4Cite manage all your transactional emails, either in your standard format or by adding LiveContent to bring in additional sales.

Shopping Elsewhere™
& Triggered Email Case Studies


“The emails sent to inactive shoppers using Shopping Elsewhere™ garnered a 16% open rate. Shoppers who were sent the emails spent 139% more money than the inactive shoppers who made a purchase by coming to Plow & Hearth via another channel. Shoppers who made a purchase within 30 days of receiving the specialized email had a significantly higher average order value.”

Internet Retailer Article
Cindy White, Senior e-Com
Manager, Plow & Hearth

“After testing the two cart abandonment programs against each other, it was clear that we would target more contacts and bring in more revenue with 4Cite. The test was such a success that we decided to try 4Cite’s triggered lightboxes.”

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Kaylie Bruno
Email Marketing Specialist, Annie Selke

“Thanks to 4Cite’s targeted emails, Boden has realized an 81% lift in its abandon cart program and its triggered emails now account for 30% of the Boden overall email program revenue. That number stood at 13% before 4Cite and Boden teamed up…”

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Shanie Cunningham
Head US Marketing, Boden

“With LiveContent™ we’ll be able to further personalize our marketing to strengthen customer loyalty and expand profitable growth. 4Cite has been a valuable partner from the beginning, and continues to help us expand the sophistication of our e-commerce marketing.”

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Bill Cuttler
C2C’s CFO and COO, Title Nine

“In the first month of using 4Cite’s Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Browse personalized triggered email programs, we saw significant growth in our email engagement and conversion rates resulting in a 200% increase in revenue from the personalized campaign, and the Customer Acquisition program resulted in a 250% lift in web visitors signing up for email and a 50% lift in store-based acquisitions.”

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Mary Brown
Director of Ecommerce, Title Nine

“In our first five months with 4Cite, we experienced a 363% increase in triggered emails sent, 284% increase in resulting transactions, and 250% increase in revenue over the same time period from the previous year. We want to let people know we’re really happy with 4Cite and the great work that they do.”

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Jim Brannen
VP of Ecommerce, BuyAutoParts

“Potpourri harnesses the 4Cite Data Network™, 4Cite’s proprietary web visitor identification technology, to make cross-device connections and ensure that Potpourri’s emails are delivered when recipients are actually reading their email—and only while doing so on their desktops or laptops, not their mobile devices. This increases the likelihood that our messages will be read and has increased our sales as a result.”

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Bob Webb
SVP of Marketing, Potpourri

“4Cite established a triggered email program that targets shoppers who visit the Hotter Shoes website and those shopping elsewhere. Triggered emails are prompted for abandoned cart, abandoned browse and previously browsed items that are ‘Now on Sale’ even when shoppers are not logged into the site.”

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Hotter Shoes
Victoria Betts, Omnichannel Director

” Avenue also uses 4Cite’s Shopping Elsewhere™ triggers to identify customers who are shopping on other retailers’ websites or have opened another retailer’s marketing email. These customers receive special offers designed to entice them to return to Avenue’s website.”

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Joe Kassa
CMO, Avenue

“Implementing 4Cite’s Triggered Lightbox and Triggered Email services was easy, with 4Cite seamlessly establishing an API integration with the company’s email service provider.”

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Andrew Sampson
Digital Marketing Mgr, Smith & Noble