Identify more customers. Engage them in real-time. Increase revenue.

Triggered Data

Receive a simple and easy to digest clickstream data feed that tracks each web visitor’s activity, transmitting hundreds of data points about each web visit.

Triggered Data helps you:

  • Segment your data
  • Personalize your marketing
  • Optimize predictive models
  • Identify prospective customers

Have the data delivered directly to you or to your CDP, database host, and/or modeler.  You select the format and method of transmission, or opt to use the data directly in the browser with 4Cite 4D.

4Cite 4D

Bring your website conversions to a new dimension, increasing revenue without changing vendors, business rules or platforms. The 4D data layer offers an infusion of data that multiplies the effectiveness of your existing personalization programs.  Any vendor with technology already on your site can easily draw data from 4D.


  • Site engagement
  • Cart abandonment
  • Purchase history
  • Email engagement

Price Point

  • Average product value
  • Sale page views

Product Affinity

  • Product viewed
  • Product category
  • Product sizing
  • Purchase history


  • Shopping frequency
  • Email frequency
  • Purchase frequency


  • Direct
  • Email click
  • Social media click


  • Home
  • Work
  • Device



Database Case Studies


“We even go a step further by connecting website visitors directly to our database. This
enables us to use real-time data to decide what we want to do with these customers based on their shopping habits, their purchases, and their lifetime value.”

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Joe Kassa
CMO, Avenue

“Potpourri saw an immediate benefit moving their marketing database to 4Cite’s Network. Our transactional database is updated weekly rather than monthly, and our digital channel database is updated in real-time. This move has been extremely important because it also allows us to identify website visitors and leverage customer data, analytics and insights to continuously optimize each customer’s purchase. Second, it enables Potpourri to more effectively manage its emails.”

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Bob Webb
SVP of Marketing, Potpourri Group

“4Cite was already providing data feeds on website traffic, which the company used to refine their off line segmentation strategies and optimize ROI for catalog mailings. Smith & Noble realized that this customer knowledge – including visitor identification and subsequent tracking of when and how they visited the website, how long they stayed, and what they shopped for – could be used to strengthen customer acquisition and better convert web visits into sales.”

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Andrew Sampson
Digital Marketing Mgr., Smith & Noble