Triggered Data

Receive a simple and easy to digest data feed that tracks each web visitor’s activity on your website. Have it delivered to you, your database host, and/or your modeler. A wide variety of analytics can be derived from this data, including optimizing predictive models.  You can also use it to identify prospective customers who visit you site and aren’t on your email list.

We provide up to 40 data points for Sessions, Opens, Carted Products, Viewed Products and Prospects, including:

  • Website visitor email address (collected from current visit or derived from our Insights & Interaction Hub™)
  • Names and addresses linked to email addresses
  • Start and end times of website visit
  • Pages visited
  • Products viewed
  • Products added to cart but not purchased
  • Products purchased and purchase amount
  • Type of device used (mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Referring URL

Plus 31 other data points to help you segment your database and personalize your marketing messages


Database Case Studies


“We even go a step further by connecting website visitors directly to our database. This
enables us to use real-time data to decide what we want to do with these customers based on their shopping habits, their purchases, and their lifetime value.”

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Joe Kassa
Chief Marketing Officer of Avenue