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More web visitors identified = More email to the people likely to make a purchase = More revenue

Triggered Email

There’s no question that triggered email generates high conversion rates, yet most retailers fail to take advantage of its full potential. 4Cite makes it easy – just try our tag on your website for two weeks and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

4Cite offers three types of triggered email, the third entirely unique to 4Cite! Beyond this, our technology enables dynamic, real-time product recommendations based on customer web browsing and purchase history.

  • Website Triggers use a pie chart graphic SMALL 2-23-17customer’s activity on your website, such as carting a product but not purchasing it (abandoned shopping cart), to send a personally tailored message or offer.
  • Product Triggers use changes in your product catalog, such as now on sale, to send a personally tailored message or offer to someone who has shown an interest in that product or something similar.
  • Shopping Elsewhere Triggers use web shopping activity that’s not on your website to identify when a customer is currently shopping elsewhere and send email at that moment — because that’s the moment when the customer is most likely to open and click through your email.
What makes 4Cite better than its competitors?

4Cite’s advanced technology identifies more website visitors so you reach more people interested in your products and generate more revenue. In addition, our Shopping Elsewhere Triggers offer a highly effective new way to reach customers who aren’t engaging with your website or opening your emails. Instead of guessing the best time to send them your emails, you send at the perfect time. Why use send-time optimization when you can use send-time perfection? Beyond this, 4Cite offers integrated email address acquisition using our Triggered Lightbox service.

4Cite has helped Plow and Hearth identify more site visitors than we ever could have imagined. In fact, they identify about 70% of our daily cart abandoners and about 60% of our browse abandoners. This results in a 50% lift when compared with our previous provider. We are excited to explore even more Triggered Email campaigns with 4Cite!

– Cindy White
Email Marketing Manager
Plow and Hearth

In the first six weeks of using 4Cite’s Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Product email triggers, we saw significant growth in our email distribution and sales. We are very happy with our relationship with 4Cite, not only because of these excellent results, but also thanks to their attentive customer service. We look forward to implementing additional email triggers with the 4Cite team.

– Jim Angelico
Manager, Email Marketing
Winston Brands, Inc.

Using 4Cite’s Shopping Elsewhere Trigger to email our lapsed customers,
we achieved a 25% open rate with chronic non-openers.

– Bob Morrison
Director of eCommerce Content, Email Marketing & Merchandising
Potpourri Group

Customer Journey

Many customers fail to move forward at all stages of the customer journey. Triggered emails recapture their attention and move customers from one stage to the next.

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What’s a good litmus test for how much triggered email should be part of your email marketing strategy to optimize return on investment? The majority of your email marketing revenue should be coming from triggered emails!

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