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More web visitors identified = More data to drive effective omnichannel marketing = More revenue

Triggered Data

Know who’s on your website and what they’re doing there

Effective personalization is key to conversions, but it can’t be effective if you don’t recognize your customers across devices and email addresses. 4Cite’s advanced visitor identification technology (CrossLink) creates a persistent identifier for each shopper and identifies your customers regardless of how they get to your website.

MultiDev-MultiEmail Green
With conventional data collection, a shopper with three devices could easily become three different people in your data.  With two or more email addresses, that shopper could easily become six or more people.  Not with 4Cite.

With the shopper identified, Triggered Data feeds information to your database about each shopping session, including pages viewed, items viewed and items carted.  You’ll know your shoppers better and market to them more effectively.  And 4Cite’s unique identification capabilities are not limited to your customer base – you can also identify prospects when they visit your site.

There are so many ways to use Triggered Data!
Here are just a few:

  • Trigger email and lightboxes (or have us do that for you)
  • Target ads and incentives
  • Reactivate lapsed customers based on recent web activity
  • Better segment your customers
  • Strengthen predictive modeling
  • Integrate online and offline marketing
  • Direct mail customers recently on your site
  • Identify new potential customers

4Cite’s Triggered Data service provides unique and powerful web browsing data for our customer
targeting models, resulting in significant lift in return on marketing investment when our clients integrate their
online data with their offline data.

– Scott Carl
Principal and CEO, Tricision, Inc.

Using 4Cite’s Triggered Data to supplement our customer mailing decisions, we regularly see
greater than 50% lift in dollars per book outcomes.

– Cory Peterson
Director of Catalog Circulation, Country Curtains

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