Bob Gaito


Bob has over 20 years of experience in servicing direct marketers. In early 2000, he founded I-Centrix which is now part of Epsilon. In 2010, he co-founded 4Cite and continues to serve as its CEO.

Jack Sturn

SVP, Sales & Marketing

Jack was a member of the senior management team at I-Centrix. In 2012 he joined 4Cite as the Senior Vice President in charge of Sales & Marketing and serves as the public liaison for the company.

Jeremy Green

SVP, Technology

As a co-founder of 4Cite, Jeremy is responsible for all production for the company. Jeremy has over 20 years in marketing technology currently focusing on delivering 4Cite’s digital programs.

Jim Finnerty

SVP, Product

Jim was a part of the senior management team at I-Centrix and has 20+ years’ experience in developing marketing automation solutions. As a co-founder of 4Cite, Jim leads our product development efforts.

Mike Hayden

President of
List Services
In 2007 Mike joined ALEXA, which was subsequently folded into 4Cite. Mike leads our List Management and List Brokerage Team, and is an expert at circulation planning and growing customer files.