How do they all fit together?

More 4Cite services = More customer engagement

integration-main-imageSolution Integration

4Cite services can be used alone, or more powerfully, used together to engage customers in and maintain an integrated, multi-channel conversation that keeps them engaged with your brand.

4Cite’s cadence control engine manages this integrated approach, eliminating redundancy and ensuring your customers won’t receive too many messages.

How do they all work together?

See below for just one of many possible scenarios.


Send the messages customers want, when they want them

Interacting with your customers as individuals is more important than ever. Today’s consumers expect relevant, personalized marketing messages that reach them when and where they want them.

4Cite makes it easy by instantly identifying your web visitors, tracking their shopping activities, linking them to past interests and preferences, and using this information to trigger just the right marketing message.

Using our services together, you can engage in a multichannel dialogue that keeps your customers engaged with your brand.

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