What Matters in People-Based Marketing

At 4Cite, we form relationships that focus on the long-term best interests of our clients. As a result, many have been with us since we started back in 2010. Because when it comes to people-based marketing (PBM), there’s a right way to do business that ensures great results — and great relationships — for everyone involved: you, us and your customers. Get Your Copy Now!

Don't Get Personal, Get Individual. 4Cite & Forrester Report Personalization 2.0: Individualization

It’s widely accepted that personalization is essential in today’s marketing landscape, but the term is used inconsistently across the board to represent widely varying levels of true personalization. Sure, it’s “personalized” to greet customers by name, but this is so rudimentary that it shouldn’t even be included in the conversation. According to business consultancy Forrester Research, “Simplistic personalization like this provides no value to your customer and, worse, distracts your team and available resources from far more impactful personalization initiatives," Forrester says... Get Your Copy Now!

Influencing the eCommerce Customer Journey eBook

Understanding each stage of the customer journey – and knowing how to measure success at each stage – is essential for choosing the right strategy to move customers forward. The customer journey is defined in many ways, but there are at least 5 distinct stages for the online shopper. Get Your Copy Now!

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Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Retail is rapidly changing – we see it all around us. Amazon is venturing into brick and mortar stores. Big boxes are wading deeper into e-commerce. Online retailers are mailing print catalogs. It seems that everywhere, brands are rethinking their business models and marketing strategies. Direct mail is right in the mix because when done right, it’s a powerful component of the kinds of multi-channel marketing strategies needed to survive and thrive in today’s Wild West of retail... Get Your Copy Now!

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