4Cite’s Consumer Insights Interaction Hub™ continuously optimizes consumer interactions with your brand to build loyalty and drive conversions. Our innovative Hub uses 4Cite’s superior website visitor identification technology, combining a large network of identity assets with ‘intent to purchase’ attributes. All in real-time, 4Cite uses advanced analytics and digital intelligence to derive insights and perform decisioning to deliver the right timing, content and offer for each person. Interactions take place through multiple distribution channels depending on your marketing needs.

The Data
Start with superior data

Everything starts with the data – that’s what forms the insights that drive the personalized interactions with your customers and prospective customers.  A key reason to choose 4Cite is our superior data, which starts with our advanced website visitor identification capabilities.  We link more website visits to people, enabling the capture of more person-based data.  And unlike other solutions, 4Cite’s data capture layer is completely configured and managed by 4Cite – making it easy to get started and use our programs without maintenance.  Our OneTag tagging system allows deep and wide data capture of all website activity and email engagement signals with no client configuration.  Our data capture also extends to supporting data elements such as email status, product catalog data, and transactional signals.

Moreover, with our 4Cite Data Network, insights don’t have to be limited to activity with your brand alone (1st party data) but can be extended across all participants in the network (2nd Party data).  The network generates anonymous deterministic engagement signals that can be activated for your brand, further increasing the rate that website visits are linked to people and increasing your people-based marketing reach.

The Insights
Know your customers and potential customers

4Cite uses real-time data management, retrieval of historic data, machine learning, and rules management to derive insights that enable deep understanding of a consumer’s past behaviors, present actions and future inclinations.  Our Hub uses these insights to stream a wide array of data attributes, fueling our capabilities and driving a large variety of marketing efforts for our clients.

These insights take marketing initiatives to the next level through complex attribute determination, scoring and predictive indicators grounded in a comprehensive understanding of each consumer’s past, present and future actions across a wide array of categories including engagement, products, deals, offers, cadence, churn, source, device, price and size.

The Interaction
Engage through multiple channels

4Cite’s Consumer Insights Interaction Hub uses the insights to drive right-time, right-place interactions that maximize marketing ROI. The Hub can alternately transmit these insights to you to fuel your own development and delivery of marketing programs.  In both cases, 4Cite enables optimal timing, content, offers, and audience management capabilities.

4Cite interfaces with all major ESPs and platforms including Facebook, Google Ad Network and Twitter.  We support multiple data transmission mechanisms such as browser injection, API push/pull and scheduled data feeds.  With the vast array of end-points and vendors supported, you do not have to rip and replace your current solutions to leverage 4Cite’s capabilities.

Consumer Insights & Interaction Hub™

More 4Cite Benefits

  • 4Cite solutions are designed for easy implementation and integrate with e-commerce retailers’ current programs, data and service providers.
  • 4Cite’s cadence control methods use an integrated approach, eliminating redundancy and ensuring customers won’t receive too many messages, strengthening customer retention and eliminating un-subscribers.
  • 4Cite’s account representatives provide strategic counsel, planning and guidance, acting as an extension of your marketing department.