Headquartered in Albany, New York, 4Cite was founded in 2010 by an experienced team of technologists that have an established track record of success in managing and implementing data-driven marketing solutions. The Company’s leadership team originally founded I-Centrix in 2000 and 5 years later, ALEXA Marketing. After selling I-Centrix, ALEXA was merged into what is now known as 4Cite.

4Cite is a leading people-based identification and data services technology company — largest in the eCommerce sector — that identifies individual consumers and creates a deterministic link through email as an identifier. The Company is able to capture consumer actions across 300+ active network brands in addition to other social and mobile touchpoints. 4Cite’s proprietary platform aggregates and distills personally identifiable actions (“PIA”) using advanced data analytics and real-time decisioning to understand when best to market to each consumer and trigger individualized marketing messages using a multichannel approach designed to influence purchasing activity and improve overall customer experience.

Further differentiating the Company, 4Cite pools 1st party consumer information captured across its client and partner base to form the 4Cite Data Network™, which allows for a broader and more in-depth understanding of each individual. Over the last 12 months, this proprietary database has collected 18B+ actions from nearly 148M unique emails (representing over 68% of U.S. online shoppers), allowing the Company to identify 20%+ more consumers than clients’ previous solutions, develop deeper and more actionable insights all in real-time, and deliver individualized interactions that increase brand loyalty while improving client ROI.

4Cite is the only company with demonstrable expertise in the consumer identification space that utilizes real-time triggered data feeds to help clients execute marketing messages across nearly all distribution channels. The Company’s platform is designed for ease of implementation and integrates with retailers’ current marketing programs, databases, and technology stacks. This enables 4Cite to quickly connect clients’ existing technology ecosystems to the platform for truly enhanced multichannel execution and simplified database management. Additionally, 4Cite’s account representatives provide strategic counsel, planning, and general guidance, acting as an extension of clients’ marketing departments.