“Using 4Cite’s technology to identify the shoppers on our website has proven to be very meaningful to Arhaus from a ROAS standpoint. We achieve the same level of sales when mailing to much larger universes at much larger cost."

Christine Parish, Director CRM

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Annie Selke

“After testing the two cart abandonment programs against each other, it was clear that we would target more contacts and bring in more revenue with 4Cite. The test was such a success that we decided to try 4Cite’s triggered lightboxes.”

Kaylie Bruno, Email Marketing Specialist Annie Selke

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“Thanks to 4Cite’s targeted emails, Boden has realized an 81 percent lift in its abandon cart program and its triggered emails now account for 30 percent of the Boden overall email program revenue whereas that number stood at 13 percent before 4Cite and Boden teamed up...”

Shanie Cunningham, Head US Marketing Boden

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Potpourri Group

“4Cite is one of our most valuable business partners. One reason is because their people have a fundamental and deep understanding of our business. They’re also extremely sharp and capable ‘database geeks’ who know what to do quickly and securely.

Bob Webb, SVP Marketing of Potpourri Group

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Learn how Avenue developed a better understanding of their customers and expanded their ecommerce with 4Cite. "The technology 4Cite promised me, they lived up to, being quick, attentive and as inventive as we want to be."

Joe Kassa, Chief Marketing Officer of Avenue

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Smith & Noble

"Thanks to 4Cite and its targeted lightboxes, we’ve realized over a 50% percent lift in our customer acquisition program and we plan to expand our lightbox with 4Cite beyond the welcome."

Andrew Sampson, Smith & Noble’s Digital Marketing Manager

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"We understand the importance of personalized engagement, and 4Cite helps us take it to the next level."

Victoria Betts, Hotter's Omnichannel Director

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Plow & Hearth

“The emails sent to inactive shoppers using Shopping Elsewhere™ garnered a 16% open rate. Shoppers who were sent the emails spent 139% more money than the inactive shoppers who made a purchase by coming to Plow & Hearth via another channel. Shoppers who made a purchase within 30 days of receiving the specialized email had a significantly higher average order value.”

Cindy White, Plow & Hearth Senior e-Commerce
Marketing Manager

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“With LiveContent™ we’ll be able to further personalize our marketing to strengthen customer loyalty and expand profitable growth. 4Cite has been a valuable partner from the beginning, and continues to help us expand the sophistication of our e-commerce marketing.”

Bill Cuttler, C2C’s CFO and COO

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Title Nine

“In the first month of using 4Cite’s Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Browse personalized triggered email programs, we saw significant growth in our email engagement and conversion rates resulting in a 200% increase in revenue from the personalized campaign, and the Customer Acquisition program resulted in a 250% lift in web visitors signing up for email and a 50% lift in store-based acquisitions.”

Mary Brown, Director of Ecommerce at Title Nine

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“In our first five months with 4Cite, we experienced a 363% increase in triggered emails sent, 284% increase in resulting transactions, and 250% increase in revenue over the same time period from the previous year. We want to let people know we’re really happy with 4Cite and the great work that they do."

Jim Brannen, BuyAutoParts’ Vice President of Ecommerce

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Exit5 Auto Group

“4Cite helps us nurture customers through the sales process. Whether it’s helping us respond to research inquiries, presenting service offers or reminding customers that our service is second to none, the 4Cite engagement bars help us keep customers for life. They also help us engage new customers and ensure that we start the relationship just right."

Patrick Lyga, Exit5 General Manager

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"In the five short months that we’ve been working with 4Cite, we’ve increased our email address collection by 41 percent and had a 50 percent increase in the identity of cart abandoners that were previously unknown.”

Kenneth Fernandes, BlueFly's Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce

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"4Cite’s advanced identification capabilities have been very meaningful to our business. Through their data feeds, triggered email and triggered lightbox services, we have realized significant growth in customer retention and sales. Results like these are why we continue to award our business to 4Cite."

Henry Lewis, Vantage's CEO

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“In order to deliver a more personalized online and offline customer experience, we knew we had to identify and understand our online visitors better. We needed more data to inform our marketing decisions and 4Cite delivers on that need."

Tim Delles, Orvis's Senior Marketing Manager

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"I like the fact that 4Cite said let us prove ourselves before you decide to do business with us. If I was going to make a switch, I wanted to see measurable results and make sure we were going to see a lift in incremental revenue. We monitored the results and made sure it would help our business before we signed on the dotted line. In the end, 4Cite had higher identification rates and was able to show a triple-digit lift in abandon cart.”

Jon Mitchell, jClub's COO

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