About Us
4Cite maximizes return on digital marketing investment through real-time, automated personalization of email and website interactions with your customers. 4Cite stands above its competitors by offering an integrated suite of solutions powered by proprietary CrossLink, a superior web visitor identification technology. Our solutions are easy to implement, up and running in a matter of days. We also provide website activity data feeds that support cross-channel marketing and we offer direct mail services.

Formed in 2010, the company’s roots date back to 2000 when 4Cite’s management team founded I-Centrix and later ALEXA Marketing. After selling I-Centrix, ALEXA was merged into 4Cite.

Our Competitive Advantage – an All-In-One Solution
4Cite’s integrated approach takes “triggers” to a whole new level that integrates standard triggered email, new email triggers that take place when your customers are shopping online with other retailers, triggered lightbox messaging on your website, and triggered website data feeds to inform omnichannel marketing. We pride ourselves on coming to market with ground-breaking services that are unmatched in the marketplace, and our clients highly value our continual pursuit of increasing ROI on every dollar spent.

4Cite serves clients across the United States in virtually every state of the country. Headquarters are in Albany, NY, in the heart of New York State’s Tech Valley, which is home to acclaimed universities and noted technology companies such as Global Foundries. As such, 4Cite enjoys an outstanding labor pool and hires the best and the brightest to develop and support our ground-breaking services. 4Cite also has a satellite office in Peterborough, NH, staffed with list managers and list brokers who are recognized experts in their field.