4Cite is a consumer insights and data services provider and helps companies increase revenues by identifying more shoppers and gaining personal consumer insight to prompt real-time, personalized messages and offers that influence purchasing and foster brand loyalty.

It’s all about getting more

In the consumer world, identifying prospects and turning them into loyal customers can be a bit of a challenge. This is where 4Cite comes in. We are the industry leader at identifying more visitors on retailers websites along with their shopping activities. Our marketing tools help retailers influence purchase activity by reaching more customers, with personalized content, at the right time, and in the right channel. Furthermore, we do all of that in real-time. For CEO’s, CMO’s, Marketing Managers, Heads of IT and Ad Agencies this means increased revenue for their companies.

What makes us an
industry leader

  • We can help you achieve a 20% or more increase in revenue within the first 30 days of program implementation
  • We can send real-time messaging to customers when they are online & in shopping mode
  • We can personalize and segment your customers better than internal siloed departments
  • We can get your internal teams up and running with an easy online solution in just a few hours
  • We can help guide Marketing and IT teams with tried and true eCommerce strategies
  • We can deploy dynamic online and offline content that work together
  • We can recognize customers across multiple channels and devices
  • We can help determine appropriate decisions, offers and messaging
  • We can fix deliverability and engagement issues without internal IT support