We are a digital marketing services provider that positively influences shoppers’ purchasing activity through appropriately timed and personalized product/offer recommendations.

When people engage with your brand, they leave behind massive amounts of data. They tell you about their interests and preferences in every interaction, but this data is “raw” and disconnected.

4Cite harnesses raw data, turning it into usable information and providing the right tools to turn this information into sales. Our advanced visitor identification technology identifies more of your web visitors via our extensive network of Digital IDs and links them to real-time and historical browsing and purchasing behavior. With 4Cite, your marketing messages will engage each consumer in a cohesive conversation as they explore your brand through different channels and devices.

Marketing automation that reaches the right people, with the right content, at the right time, in the right way

  • Trigger more emails to the people likely to buy, when they are most likely to open your email and make a purchase.
  • Engage web visitors in an individualized dialogue on your website
  • Use website activity to inform omnichannel messaging

And you don’t have to rebuild the wheel. 4Cite products are designed for easy implementation that integrates with your current programs, your current data and your current service providers. Our simplified tagging system (OneTag) will have you up and running in days, not weeks.

Identify more website visitors with 4Cite


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Cindy White – Email Marketing Manager,
Plow and Hearth >

“4Cite has helped Plow and Hearth identify more site visitors than we ever could have imagined. In fact, they identify about 70% of our daily cart abandoners and about 60% of our browse abandoners. This results in a 50% lift when compared with our previous provider. We are excited to explore even more Triggered Email campaigns with 4Cite!”

Cory Peterson – Director of Catalog Circulation, Country Curtains >

“Using 4Cite’s Triggered Data to supplement our customer mailing decisions, we regularly see greater than 50% lift in dollars per book outcomes.”

Kristen St. Peter – Director, Ecommerce, Avenue Stores, LLC >

“With 4Cite’s Triggered Lightbox program, we provide personalized messages to new and existing customers using their advanced visitor identification technology. 4Cite has enabled us with the ability to increase conversions and drive sales.”

Mark DiMarzio – VP of Marketing & Business Development, Garnet Hill >

“4Cite’s Triggered Lightbox service has greatly increased both our email opt-in rates and web visitor conversions. Compared to our previous email acquisition lightbox service, 4Cite results in 3X the daily sign ups and more than 10X the demand after the initial subscribe date!”

Scott Carl – Principal and CEO, Tricision, Inc. >

“4Cite’s Triggered Data service provides unique and powerful web browsing data for our customer targeting models, resulting in significant lift in return on marketing investment when our clients integrate their online data with their offline data.”

Bob Morrison – Director of eCommerce Content, Email Marketing & Merchandising at Potpourri Group >

“Using 4Cite’s Shopping Elsewhere Trigger to email our lapsed customers, we achieved a 25% open rate with chronic non-openers.”

Bill Cuttler – CFO & COO, carbon2cobalt >

“4Cite provides a unique blend of strategic guidance, detailed segmentation planning and analytics that are critical to optimizing our return on marketing investment. Our close partnership with 4Cite has been a hallmark of C2C’s success since our inception and we continue to rely on this partnership each day for continued profitable long-term growth.”

Jim Angelico – Manager, Email Marketing, Winston Brands, Inc. >

“In the first six weeks of using 4Cite’s Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Product email triggers, we saw significant growth in our email distribution and sales. We are very happy with our relationship with 4Cite, not only because of these excellent results, but also thanks to their attentive customer service. We look forward to implementing additional email triggers with the 4Cite team.”